You Are Extraordinary

Dedicated to Disney, Castle, The Avengers, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, and that's just the surface. This is my iceberg, welcome.


I think I’m gonna watch “Star Wars” again, because of reasons:

a) Ewan McGregor

b) Liam Neeson.

c) Natalie Portman

d)Samuel L. Jackson.

that’s it. I never liked Star Wars but I love all of them and they’re def worth my time. DEF.

a, b, c, and d) Harrison Ford
all of the sass



frankly I’m surprised they didn’t have sex in front of Granny’s after this makeout sesh

This also makes me cry because they did a wide shot showing Emma and Hook kissing by the Storybrooke sign. They both found their homes, in more ways that one.